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Eating Out in Perth

These are my reviews of places I ate while in Perth. Surely there are plenty of other great and terrible, cheap and expensive, places to eat, but these are the ones I can honestly review. Check out my reviews and recommendations on the rest of Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.

Five Stars

☆☆☆☆☆ Alaturka (Turkish – Subiaco) – We got a great deal on Scoopon for a full three course meal and bottle of wine for two, so we had our two year anniversary dinner here. The food was really, really good. The place was packed (be sure to make a reservation) and there was a good buzzing atmosphere. The starters (we shared two different sampler plates) were incredible, the mains were very good, and the desserts were pretty good. The wine was also very delicious. While the service was VERY slow (after being there for about an hour – this does include having received our starters – a waitress came and told me that they were all out of the dish I ordered and I had to choose something else; obviously this meant we still had quite some time to wait before we received our mains), the waitstaff were friendly and mostly apologetic. I imagine they might have seen a large increase in business from the online coupon deals.

Delicious T-Bone at Alaturka

☆☆☆☆☆  Royal India Restaurant (Indian – West Perth) – If you were to go in and eat a main meal in the restaurant you’d probably be parting with a lot of money. However, they have great value takeaway meals. For $10-$12 you can get a VERY large meal. You can choose the meat and heat/spicy level (though you can’t order specific dishes). In return you get a lot of meat (and curry), a lot of rice, a lot of vegetables, and three or so papadums. For just $10-12 that’s a steal here in Oz. And the meals are actually REALLY good. Probably the best inexpensive Indian I’ve had in Australia. And it really is a LOT of food.

Four Stars

☆☆☆☆ Annalakshmi (Indian/Malaysian/Sri Lankan – CBD) – This is another of the smattering of restaurants in Australia that follow a wonderful philosophy: pay what you like. Or pay what you think your meal is worth. Or pay what you can afford. Of course, you do pay right directly to someone instead of an anonymous donation box, so you may feel a bit of pressure. I had originally put this up higher in the ratings, but after I actually ate here myself I felt I had to lower it a bit. The food was pretty average (at best), though I suppose this could easily vary. There were a lot of Indian families eating here, so it must be at least somewhat authentic. It’s a small pay-what-you-feel vegetarian buffet, so I guess you get what you should expect (i.e. not the most delicious or varied food in the world). The location is also pretty prime, with a great view over the Swan River.

☆☆☆☆ Chilliz (Malaysian – CBD)  – CHEAP! All the dishes are $4-5. It’s pretty much just chicken/pork and rice dishes, but they’re of a pretty decent taste and size for the price… hard to beat! The only things to note: the place takes cash only, and depending on when you go they might have only a few dishes available.

Chilliz BBQ chicken and fried rice - lots of food for $4

☆☆☆☆ Grill’d (Burgers – Subiaco) – We went into Subi craving burgers and intending to eat at the acclaimed Jusburgers. It was closed, so we went to Grill’d instead and don’t regret it. It will cost you around $10-15 for a burger (which is about average in Oz), but there’s quite a variety and the burgers and the chips/fries are really, really good. The portions are also very large and the restaurant/food has a healthy/fresh focus.

☆☆☆☆ Little Caesar’s Pizzeria (Pizza – Leederville, Mundaring, Hillary’s) – Little Caesar’s is often declared to be the best pizza in Perth. Knowing this, I probably made the mistake of going with slightly too high expectations. As a pizza lover already, I was expecting to be really wowed by the pizza. I wasn’t. However, it was still good pizza, and the atmosphere of the place is nice, always busy with lots of people. We got the Roman Empire and Greek Lamb pizzas, and the Greek Lamb was the best by far. (As a usual fan of eggplant, I was really disappointed with the Roman Empire pizza.) Another thing to note was that we ate at the Leederville location, and apparently the original pizzeria in Mundaring is much better and the home of the actual “best pizza in Perth” pizza. So I guess you’ll have to try and see for yourself!

Greek Lamb pizza at Little Caesar's

Three Stars

☆☆☆ Chocolateria San Churro (Churros/chocolate – Fremantle) – I love me some churros, but people seem to have trouble doing them right outside of Spain. While the dark chocolate dip would have gotten San Churro five stars, the churros themselves (and the regular milk chocolate dip) were very so-so, and so I must degrade them to three stars. You get just six scrawny churros on a plate for two, which runs at something like $15. Not the best value in my opinion (especially when the churros were a bit lacking in flavor for my tastes). But again, that dark chocolate dip? Yum.

Churros for two from Chocolateria San Churro

☆☆☆ MYO (Sandwiches/Salads/Pizza – CBD) – Here you can basically build your own sandwich/salad/pizza. It’s pretty inexpensive (sandwiches are based on weight, usually coming in at $6-9, pizzas and salads are around $7-10) and there are a LOT of things to choose from. Tons of meats, cheeses, veggies, spreads, etc. You can also grill your sandwiches (or cook your pizzas) yourself. My only complaint was that it was WAY too small for even a minor lunch time rush. Everyone kept running into each other in the cramped spaces, especially when a small crowd formed around the toasting area. I also though there should have been a wider selection of vegetables (where’s my beloved capsicum?) but of course overall there’s a heck of a lot more to choose from than at Subway.

☆☆☆ NYC Pizza (Pizza – CBD) – A pizza here is going to cost you more (around $20) than grabbing a pizza from Dominos, but it is very delicious (the pepperoni is probably the most American kind of pizza you’ll find around) and nice to break up the monotony of so-so pizza. Also, if you order on Menulog (this goes for any other restaurant you order delivery from also) you can use the code phacks and get $10 off any order of $20 or more (with some exceptions, see the Perth Hacks site for more details).

Two Stars

☆☆ Kitsch Bar (Asian tapas – Leederville) – Expensive and nothing especially great. (We got just three dumplings for $9…that’s literally $3 a dumpling… They were good but not THAT good!) Service and atmosphere were far from great. (It’s pretty crowded, hard to get a spot outside, and if you’re inside you’ll probably be sharing one long table with other people.)

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