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Eating Out in Melbourne

I wasn’t going to recommend anything for Melbourne since I was only there a few days, but I think there a couple places that stand out and are worth mentioning. Also check out my reviews and recommendations on the rest of Australia, including Perth and Sydney.

Lentil As Anything (Vegetarian – St. Kilda/Abottsford/Footscray) – Even though I was unable to eat here myself, this is a place I feel I should still recommend. It’s a pay as you feel restaurant run mostly by volunteers. Basically you help yourself to the vegetarian buffet and then pay what you think you should for your meal.

Snack at Queen Victoria Market - I see a bagel in Australia, I have to get it!

Queen Victoria Market – Want to fill up on some inexpensive, delicious food? Go to the market! Though of course it sells lots of other things besides food, there are some huge halls full of fresh bread, fresh fruit and veg, meat, dips, and of course stalls selling everything from churros to pizza. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can get it as fresh as can be from the market.


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