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Across the Bottom: The Epic Aussie Road Trip

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Garganta del Diablo (Iguazu Falls)
The Mighty Iguazu Falls


Across the Bottom: The Epic Aussie Road Trip
Getting attacked by a cockatoo!

Noisy flying foxes the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney
Little joey eating at Pebbly Beach
Hopping kangaroos at Pebbly Beach
Squeaky white sand at Hyams Beach

Mama Kangaroo and Joey eating a snack
Little Penguin on Kangaroo Island
Fun fish at gorgeous Turquoise Bay (Ningaloo)
Baby emus sits down and eats

Curious emus at the caravan park
Emus making funny noises on the side of the road
Lots of dolphins coming in to visit at Monkey Mia
Dolphins hang out by the beach at Monkey Mia
More dolphins at Monkey Mia
Grasshopper madness in Western Australia
Gullah wandering at the Pinnacles
“Cocky” the Corella saying “Hello” and making siren noise
“Cocky” the Corella dancing
“Cocky” the Corella swinging


Cholitas Wrestling Part 1
Cholitas Wrestling Part 2
Cholitas Wrestling Part 3

Cholitas Wrestling Part 4



Nazca Boobies
Red Footed Booby

Blue Footed Boobies by the Thousands

Swimming with Sea Turtles

Sea Lions!

More Sea Lions!


Sulfuric smoke taking over Vulcano
Driving around Vulcano

Breakdancers in Reggio di Calabria


Bedouin music in Wadi Rum
Driving through water in the Wadi Rum desert


Riding camels into the gorgeous Sahara Desert
Hilarious ride into the Sahara (“Leaving on the jet plane…”)

Polish singing in the Sahara

New Zealand

Baby sea lions (Otago Peninsula)
Canyon Swing #1 (Backwards)

Watching a Canyon Swing

Canyon Swing #2 (Handstand)
(and my freaking out/begging not to go)


Group aerobics in Lumphini Park, Bangkok
Dropping prayer coins in the pots at Wat Pho



Sting ray on Fort Myers Beach

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