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Weird and Wonderful Things: Perth, Australia

February 11, 2011

Perth may at first seem a pretty average city. But as you wander the streets, you begin to notice things. Little things, both weird and wonderful. I suppose every city has its little quirks, its random statues and artworks that make you go “Hmm…?” but Perth seems to have an exceptional amount of them. Here’s a sampling of a few, not even including some I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of yet.

This piece of art apparently represents...something. I forget. DNA meets the machine? Or something like that.

This man would really like me to enter his church.

These men outside the Perth Mint found a big gold nugget. Surprise!

This bench seemed a bit fishy...

Why would the sundial tell Amsterdam time?

This is a bit different but it still fits: a "Paranormal Romance" section in a used bookshop in Fremantle. Wow.

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