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It’s that time again: Adventure Time!

September 6, 2010

Ready for our next adventure!

Tomorrow it will be one year since I left on my South American odyssey. So it seems only natural to take this time to talk about my upcoming awesome adventure!

In three weeks Oscar and I will be finishing up our jobs here in Sydney and embarking on an epic cross-country Australian journey that ultimately leaves us in Perth, where we hope to spend the last five or so months of our time here working. So here’s the rundown of the plan.


24 – Our last days of work!
25-26 – Last weekend in Sydney
27-30 – Rent a car and drive down to Melbourne, via stops along the coast such as Jervis Bay (claimed to be one of the world’s best beaches), Pebbly Beach (famous for lots of kangaroos hanging out on the beach), and some other coastal towns and beaches.


1-2 Exploring Melbourne
3-7 – Fly to Alice Springs, 3 day tour to Uluru/Kings Canyon/Kata Tjuta, fly back to Melbourne
8 Melbourne
9-15 – Fly to Cairns; spend time in Cairns, snorkel Great Barrier Reef, drive up to Cape Tribulation for a night, back to Cairns, fly back to Melbourne
16-17 – Rent a caravan and drive the Great Ocean Road
18-19 – Visit Halls Gap/Grampians National Park
20 – Day of driving down to Cape Jervis
21-23Kangaroo Island
24-25McLaren Vale (wine country)
– So begins the long, empty, desert drive across the Nullarbor into WA…Halloween in the middle of nowhere (truly scary haha!)


4-5Valley of the Giants, Albany
6-8Margaret River
– Basically we could arrive in Perth on the 9th, or we could add on another few days to a week and a) do the southwestern corner of WA right as we will surely want more time there and/or b) allow ourselves extra days wherever we may find we want them, as it is a pretty fast-moving itinerary we’ve got so far.

Obviously there’s still a lot up in the air and I’m still doing research. The only things set are the flights for Alice Springs and Cairns. They’re booked and (so long as Tiger doesn’t live up to its reputation and cancel flights and screw us over) that’s all set except for the small details of booking things like accommodation and tours….

As for the big drive across, I had to research it and find out where we might want to visit, what the approximate costs will be for things, and about how long we should at least have to do it, but we will see what happens and go at the pace we feel like. It’s easy to add or remove places and drive more or less each day, so that will be an ever-evolving thing I think.

Overall we’re both really excited for the trip! We’re seeing a LOT, and I’m happy to be visiting some places I’ve been dying to finally go to. Once we relocate to Perth we hope to find time at some point to travel up the coast of WA (Ningaloo Reef is near the top of my must-do list) and the Top End is something that would be cool to do if we find the opportunity, but we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime we’re enjoying the time we have left in Sydney, which I’ll try to do an update about relatively soon. And of course we have to start thinking about things like packing up our lives into a couple of suitcases we’ve probably outgrown and cleaning up our apartment so when the owner comes back from Italy he doesn’t have a heart attack! 😉

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