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Getting a life in Oz

April 23, 2010

Yesterday I officially began working. Well, it was a training day. Seven of us had made it out of three sessions of group interviews, so essentially they weeded us down from probably about 36 to seven. Training day felt like being back in school, sitting around the table listening to a presentation and doing group activities for six hours. At least it is a laid back atmosphere and we had some crazy characters so it wasn’t too bad. Just long and tiring.

ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is Sunday so it’s a three day weekend and I don’t have to start real work until Tuesday, which is nice! The weather has been incredibly hot (today is supposed to be 29C, which is like 83F I think!) which I think is pretty unusual for this time of year. It’s autumn and I think usually by now it would be cool and starting to rain more. But since our first week or two here we haven’t had any rain at all! It’s been sunny and fine here every day. Can’t complain! So I’m hoping we can get to the beach sometime this weekend and make the most of it.

Otherwise life has been in the library, job hunting and looking for a new apartment. We’ve found a really nice one in Waterloo/Redfern (a little beyond where I lived when I interned here two years ago) that’s a two bedroom/two bathroom place we’d be sharing with one Italian guy. It’s a little further from the city than I’d like (OK it’s still pretty good, but I can’t walk to work like I can now, and I’ll have to take the bus which I hate :P) but otherwise it’s awesome, with a nice, big kitchen, our own laundry machines, even a movie projector! Not bad. And internet, of course!! 

I’ve heard back from a few other jobs also, and with my current job having hours from 12 or 1 (or 3, if I wanted) to 8, I can still interview for other things if I hear back from anything else I really want. I have an interview next week for a job with a travel company, but I think it’s pretty menial work and might pay less than what I’m doing now, so we’ll see. What I am doing, by the way, is working at a call center (called 2evolve) where I basically do fundraising for non-profits. To start with I will be calling people who are on a regular giving program for Amnesty International and ask them to increase their monthly donation. Better than some random telemarketing job because at least I am doing some good, but as anyone who knows me knows, I hate calling people so it will be a bit of a challenge at least to start with. Eight hours straight of calling people asking them for money isn’t quite my idea of fun. Not to mention my script is like 6+ pages long…yikes! But I am learning new things at least.

In our free time we’ve been walking around the city, a few weekends ago we walked all through the Botanical Gardens (where we saw lorikeets, and of course tons of bats/flying foxes!) and all over the harbor and across the bridge to Luna Park which was nice. (I also saw wild cockatoos in a park near where we live, which I thought was amazing!)

We also like to go see movies on Tuesdays, since it’s the only day we can afford to go! Tuesdays are the “cheap” day where it’s $10 to see a movie! Otherwise it’s between $17 and $20. Ridiculous! Every day I discover new things that shock me price-wise here. In our training session we were brainstorming things we buy that we don’t need for different dollar amounts. This is when I learned that a new release Blu Ray DVD here costs $60 or $70! What??? That’s insane. And if you’re thinking that maybe the exchange rate would make that less crazy, the Australian Dollar is worth something like 93 or 95 American cents, so they are almost equivalent.

I am definitely noticing a lot more of the strange little things about Australia this time around. For example, all of their big Australian reality shows (Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Master Chef, etc.) they show on TV every single night (except I think Saturdays). Every night. Sometimes the episodes are really short, like 20 minutes or so, other times they are really long, like an hour or hour and a half. EVERY NIGHT. It is so weird. And they end the shows at such random times, you sometimes feel (like in the case of Biggest Loser where the shows were often really short) like you just watched absolutely nothing, a filler show of absolutely nothing. I hate the idea of it, that if you want to watch a show you have to be home every single night to watch it, but obviously we have gotten sucked into it a bit — mostly because we weren’t working yet and after spending the day in the library we just felt like relaxing and watching TV every night.

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  1. A Whore permalink
    April 23, 2010 11:51 pm

    17-20 bucks for a movie!! And I thought life in Hawaii was expensive…But yay for new jobs! Especially nonprofit ones. Also I hope you know that I will now forever expect you to make all the important phone calls when we’re together. : )

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