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Easter in the City

April 7, 2010

Bondi Beach

Things continue to be interesting. Our cockroach death count is down to just a couple a day now. Pest control never did come spray as promised. I think our landlord is a bit of an over-promiser, but oh well.

We’ve looked at many more apartments, good and bad (mostly the latter, as we are obviously still in our original one). They tend to be either a bit sketchy or a little overcrowded (seven working people in one apartment just seems like trouble waiting to happen for me). I’ve applied to probably ten or so jobs, and have heard back from just one so far (unsuccessful with Flight Centre, I’m guessing/hoping because of the restrictions of my visa, combined with my lack of formal experience as a travel agent :P).

Dangerous currents at Bondi Beach

On the good side of things, we went to Bondi Beach on Friday and it was lovely. Sunny and warm, though when the sun went behind the clouds and the wind picked up it started to feel a bit chilly. I bought sunscreen (at Oscar’s insistence) and then he decided he didn’t need it…Needless to say he was a lobster for the next few days, and I burned the back of me a bit as I intelligently only covered my front. It was nice to be at the beach, though, and there were tons of surfers out on the crazy waves.

On Saturday we also checked out this free “Hooplah” Easter festival thing at Darling Harbour. They have a bunch of different stages set up with different things going on. We caught an acrobats act but it wasn’t really that great so we didn’t stay for the whole thing. It’s still nice to be able to walk down to a beautiful harbor area and stroll around while cool free activities are going on around you. The joys of city life!

Last night we also decided to treat ourselves to a little reprieve from the stresses of trying to get started and we went to see a movie. Tuesday is the cheap night at the cinema on George Street — $10! (Still believe that’s more than the most expensive ticket at home — I do miss the affordability of the suburban US!) Right after we arrived (a bit early) the fire alarm started going off and they had to evacuate all the people in the theaters. Crazy! I was actually surprised how calm everyone was, if it was back in the States I think people would be super angry and flipping out if they had to leave in the middle of their movie. Lucky for us, we had arrived early and the fire brigade came and declared it a false alarm all in time for us to still get in to our seats before the movie was scheduled to start.

Famous Coke sign near our apartment

The theaters here are a bit like Sweden in that you have assigned seats and that. One thing we discovered is that they have “gold class” showings (that cost $33!) where you are in big recliners (like full-out Laze E Boys!) and they have waiters who serve you a selection of food and drinks (not included in the cost, though, I don’t think). It seems like a bit crazy/overkill to me, but at the same time something I still can’t help but want to experience. That would definitely be a smart move by a guy on a first date or something, springing for gold class!

We’ve also been enjoying all the beautiful parks and bay areas Sydney has. Just near where we live in Kings Cross/Potts Point there are two nearby bayside parks, Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay. We’ve enjoyed time hanging out at both of them, soaking up the sun, watching people relax and picnic, and gazing out at the boats and beautiful water in the bay. It’s very nice. And of course in the opposite direction we have the Botanical Gardens and Circular Quay. Not bad.

Sunset on the Sydney skyline

Some other things to mention… The weather is a bit unpredictable here, but in a good way (compared to home!) More and more it rains for a bit of each day, which has kept the weather much cooler than when we first arrived, but still pretty much every day still has plenty of sunshine and warmth. Even if the day begins or ends gray and rainy, the majority of it is still usually beautiful. Of course, we’ve still had to spend a good bit of those days in the library so we can use the internet to search for apartments and jobs…which leads to much frustration because the connection in the library and at McDonald’s are so horrible! I really can’t wait to get an apartment with internet!

Another thing I wanted to note was Australia’s love of Easter. Maybe it’s just because I’ve spent the last few Easter’s at school or abroad, but I don’t remember the US really making that big a deal of Easter. Sure, we sell all kinds of Easter candy and gifts, but in general I don’t think of commercials or the news making a big deal of it. Here, all up to and during Easter they are constantly talking about it. The news features Easter recipes and talks about how you’ll need to work off that Easter weight. Commercials go on and on about Easter. People walk around wearing Easter Bunny ears on Easter. And it’s not just Sunday, but Easter Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday that they go on and on about. And of course there’s Sydney’s huge, two-week Royal Easter Festival that is a huge deal. It’s just a really, really big deal here. Maybe also because they get Friday-Monday off of work/school as an extra bonus holiday, not as part of a larger Spring Break like we do at home. Who knows, it’s just a big thing.

Otherwise, not much to update on. There’s been lots of ups and downs, and it’s been hard not being able to really be in contact with anyone because of the lack of internet access. I feel very separated from home and friends and family, and I have this constant feeling of stress and anxiety probably until I finally get some kind of job, money coming in, and an apartment that I can sleep and eat in without constantly fearing bugs! Hopefully by next week things will be progressing better.

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