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March 10, 2010

Well, I’m happy to update that my visa for Australia was finally approved! It took a little over a week, but I had received an automated response to an e-mail I sent the processing center that their processing (and responding to e-mails) was being delayed up to six days. However, I received my visa without having to submit any extra documents. A friend of mine who had gone to Oz on this visa last year told me she had to submit these documents (I had specifically asked her about showing proof of having AUD$5000), but I think perhaps she had used a service to help her with the visa because in looking at such services online they usually ask for all this documentation up front. They also charge a lot of extra money on top of the AUD$250 visa fee. The Work & Holiday visa process for Americans is so easy, I really recommend doing it yourself and not using any extra service.

(And that six day delay was only for the subclass 462 applicants. Oscar, who is under subclass 417, had his approved just a day or two after he submitted his application.)

So last night I spent some time jumping up and down with glee, and today I went ahead and booked my plane tickets. Bright and early on the morning of Tuesday, March 23rd I will be boarding my plane to Chicago, waiting around for a long time, flying to LAX, waiting around for a really long time, then finally, at 10:20 p.m. PST I will finally leave for Sydney, arriving early Thursday morning (or not), thanks to that pesky International Date Line.

I’m glad to see things finally shaping up and getting on track. Now it’s just back to finishing up that resume and starting to seriously look at jobs and apartments. The excitement is definitely building up now that I am officially on my way, and I have endless thoughts of Sydney on my mind!


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