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Hello (and goodbye) again!

December 18, 2009

Well, after nearly two weeks I’m finally adjusting back to the simple things like people speaking to me in English, throwing toilet paper in the toilet, using a credit card for everything, driving a car, having a cell phone, watching TV in bed, and having access to everything I own at almost all times. So obviously it’s about time to shake things up again!

I’m back to packing my bags — this time a WHOLE lot more than a few changes of clothes in a backpack. Packing for two months living in one (COLD) place, where I’ll see the same people every day (including people I’d like to look fairly nice in front of, i.e. my boyfriend and his friends and family) requires a very different method and variety of amenities. I’d like to look a little more Euro chic than grungy backpacker, especially on occasions like Christmas (Eve — since the Swedes celebrate it on the 24th :P) and New Year’s.

So I’m lugging along a lot more luggage, my mode of transport is way more high class (thanks Dad!), and my accommodation will be much more homey, comfortable, and stable. But I’m sure there will still be plenty of stories to tell — from complaints on the weather to the dish on Swedish holiday traditions, I’ll do my best to keep you updated. Surely posts will be less frequent then they were on my nonstop South American adventures, but the adventures aren’t over yet! Keep checking and I’m sure sometime next week I’ll have something up on my arrival and first thoughts and observations of Sweden.

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