Journey Through South America

More cute sea lion pups Galapagos

Below is the itinerary for my three-month solo backpacking trip through South America, the original basis for this blog.

This is a comparison of my original planned itinerary and what I actually ended up doing. In the beginning of my trip I moved a lot quicker than I’d anticipated, though I eventually ended up falling back in time with my itinerary after spending a longer amount of time in some places (even despite skipping a few others in the meantime). And of course, in the end, I did come home a week earlier than I’d originally planned.

So here’s the journey, in all its glory:

Date Planned Actual
7 Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina Fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina
8 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
9 Buenos Aires Tigre
10 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
11 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
12 Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls
13 Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls
14 Travel Travel, Iguazu to Salta
15 Salta Salta
16 Salta Cafayate
17 Salta Salta to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
18 Salta San Pedro de Atacama
19 Salta San Pedro
20 Salta San Pedro
21 Salta Salar de Uyuni
22 Salta to Chile Salar de Uyuni
23 San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni to Sucre, Bolivia
24 San Pedro Sucre
25 San Pedro Sucre
26 Salar de Uyuni La Paz
27 Salar de Uyuni La Paz
28 Salar de Uyuni La Paz
29 Salar de Uyuni La Paz
30 Uyuni to Potosi, Bolivia Copacabana
1 Potosi Copacabana/Isla del Sol
2 Potosi To Puno, Peru
3 Sucre Puno
4 Sucre To Arequipa
5 Sucre Arequipa
6 La Paz Arequipa
7 La Paz Arequipa
8 La Paz Colca Canyon
9 La Paz Colca Canyon
10 La Paz Colca Canyon
11 Copacabana Arequipa
12 Copacabana Arequipa
13 Puno, Peru Cusco
14 Puno Cusco
15 Cusco Cusco
16 Cusco Cusco
17 Cusco Cusco
18 Cucso (Dad arrives) Cusco (Dad arrives)
19 Machu Picchu Lares trek
20 Machu Picchu Lares trek
21 Machu Picchu Lares trek
22 Machu Picchu Machu Picchu
23 Cusco (Dad leaves) Cusco (Dad leaves)
24 Arequipa Cusco
25 Arequipa Cusco/to Ica
26 Arequipa Huacachina
27 Arequipa Huacachina
28 Nazca Huacachina to Lima
29 Huacachina Lima
30 Islas Ballestas, to Lima Lima
31 Lima Lima
1 Lima Lima
2 To Huaraz Huaraz
3 Huaraz Huaraz
4 Huaraz Huaraz
5 Huanchaco/Trujillo Huanchaco/Trujillo
6 Huanchaco/Trujillo Huanchaco/Trujillo
7 Huanchaco/Trujillo Mancora
8 Mancora Mancora
9 Mancora Mancora
10 Mancora To Cuenca, Ecuador
11 Into Ecuador Cuenca
12 Ecuador (unplanned)* Baños
13 Ecuador (unplanned) Baños
14 Ecuador (unplanned) Baños
15 Ecuador (unplanned) Baños, to Quito
16 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
17 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
18 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
19 Ecuador (unplanned) Fly to Galapagos
20 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
21 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
22 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
23 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
24 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
25 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos
26 Ecuador (unplanned) Galapagos, fly to Quito, nightbus to Lago Agrio
27 Ecuador (unplanned) Lago Agrio, to jungle/Cuyabeno Reserve
28 Ecuador (unplanned) Cuyabeno Reserve
29 Ecuador (unplanned) Cuyabeno Reserve
30 Ecuador (unplanned) Cuyabeno Reserve
1 Ecuador (unplanned) To Lago Agrio
2 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
3 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
4 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
5 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
6 Ecuador (unplanned) Quito
7 Ecuador (unplanned) Fly back to U.S.
8 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio, U.S.
9 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio
10 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio
11 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio
12 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio
13 Ecuador (unplanned) Ohio
14 Fly back to U.S. Ohio