Finding a “strangel” and swimming in the rain

I’m in Southwest Florida. It’s summer. Now, if you’re anything like me you might not really have thought about one thing about Florida. It’s tropical. It rains. A lot. Since the rain started (which I believe was a bit late this year), it’s rained almost every afternoon, which is when I usually get to thinking about venturing out to do something interesting. The other day it wasn’t even just the afternoon. It rained all day.

After staring glumly out the window wishing I could actually enjoy my semi-proximity to the beach for once, an idea hit me. I had a pool! So I threw on my bathing suit and hopped in the pool.

Swimming in the rain was fun, freeing, spontaneous — it gave me a bit of that special travelin’ feeling. And it brought back a memory of another time I went swimming in the rain… (more…)