Take Action: Visit America’s Parks

When was the last time you visited a state or national park? What did you do when you were there?

For many of us, the answer is probably something along the lines of: walked a trail, took some pictures, went home. We tend to enjoy these gorgeous, well-maintained, easily-accessed natural wonders without too much thought.

Thoreau Walden Pond sign

The National Park Service recently caught attention when it was banned from tweeting. People began calling park rangers the leaders of a resistance. Then other big news took over, wiping the entire ordeal from our minds.

But the problems facing our public lands and the overarching environmental and climate issues facing our planet aren’t going to go away.

We need to learn, we need to care, and we need to fight for awareness, attention, and change for issues that will have a significant impact on not just our own futures, but the futures of generations to come.  (more…)