One Day in Old San Juan: A Step-By-Step Walking Tour

During my recent visit to Puerto Rico, I came up empty when trying to research a great walking route around Old San Juan. The same landmarks were mentioned in everything I read, but there was no mention of how to navigate between them.

Old San Juan really isn’t that big, and we found ourselves wandering around in circles. Based on that experience, I’ve put together what I think is the perfect walking tour of Old San Juan.

If you have all day, this will fill the whole thing nicely. However, you can easily cut one of the forts out or forgo the last part of the itinerary if you have only half a day to spend.

1) Grab breakfast in Old San Juan

I recommend Waffle-Era. Their waffles are to die for, and it’s a great location to start your day. After breakfast, walk a few steps down to the small park at the end of the street for some spectacular views!

San Juan Puerto Rico