ImageSo, in case you aren’t in the know, I am in Sweden now.

Coming from Florida, the biggest “shocks” to my system are pretty much what you’d expect. I came from 90+ degree weather and people wearing tank tops and flip flops, to gray, rainy, 50-60 degree weather and everyone walking around in coats and boots.

Also, coming from one of the oldest communities in the United States, I didn’t realize how much I was not used to seeing kids around. There are so many kids everywhere here in Jonkoping. It’s crazy. I am not at all adjusted to that. They’re kind of annoying… haha!

Last night we watched the Sweden vs. Ukraine soccer match, part of the European Cup. It was a little confusing because both Sweden and Ukraine have the same colors, so the whole stadium was blue and yellow, but Sweden’s team had to wear these dark blue jerseys instead of their usual ones. Sweden lost, so that was a bummer. They did win the Eurovision Song Contest this year, though, apparently. So there’s that.

Anyway, in just the past few days I’ve collected a few random bits of knowledge that I would like to share, accompanied by some visual stimuli, with you now in a sort of makeshift Weird & Wonderful Things post.

I know last time I was in Sweden (OK, two years ago!), I talked about how “green” the country is. I think I mentioned how Sweden’s big hamburger chain, Max, has recycling, but this time I grabbed a shot to show you just how complex the recycling situation really is in the restaurant. Crazy!

Something else very interesting I learned about this time around: party pants. The university puts on these big parties for students, and the students all wear these pants to the parties. Each school (i.e. nursing school, business school, etc.) has different colored pants. Each party has a special badge (think Boy Scouts!) and the students sew them on to their pants at each party. So at this time at the end of the year, these kids are walking around in pants covered with badges from all the parties they’ve been to. Tell me that’s not weird! Oscar also shared some other details about what some students do with their pants, but I won’t share it on here. You can ask me if you’re curious 🙂

It’s light here until really, really late. It’s really messing with me (as if my internal clock weren’t already messed up). We’ll be sitting around at 8 or 9 p.m. and it’s still as bright as I think of it being at 4 or 5 p.m., so I’m totally thrown off. I never realize how late it is. Indeed, according to Google the sunset for tonight here is 10:04 p.m.

Finally, I just really thought these marshmallow packages were pretty funny, so I thought I’d share. Also made me a bit nostalgic for a Fourth of July in the States.