I’ve been itching to put together some kind of video, so I wrangled together all the video I happened to take in Australia and experimented around a bit in iMovie to throw together this little number. At the very least, putting together this video has brought to my attention a few things (such as 1) take more video! and 2) it would be nice to have a camera that takes HD video!) that will hopefully improve any videos I put together for future travels. I also hope to put together something on Aussie wildlife at some point, as that was the other theme my videos from Oz seemed to show, but for now I present to you, without further ado, Across the Bottom: The Epic Aussie Road Trip!

From Sydney to Perth, crossing the Nullarbor, taking on the 90 Mile Straight (Australia’s longest straight road), and winding through the Southern Forest and along gorgeous coastal roads, this was one road trip to remember!