From funny signs and bad translations to unique statues and art, I am big into capturing photos of the quirky and strange, weird and wonderful things I see in the cities and countries I travel through. Having spent a semester living in Thailand, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few things, but here are a few of my favorite weird and wonderful things spotted in Thailand.

Spotting this on a dumpster near my hostel in Chiang Mai, I couldn't help but laugh. I wonder how many people over how long of a time had to pee here to get someone to write this warning!

Love the translation on this sign in Erawan National Park

I admit I had to look twice at this sign in Chatuchauk Market... Door of Art or Fart?

I know this photo is terrible quality, but I just LOVE this Thai version of "We Can Do It!"

I suppose it must be hard to figure out when you should squat and when you shouldn't. Rule of thumb, if the toilet seat is a seat, a foot or two off the ground, and without foot grips, it's probably not a squat toilet! 😉

It's not every day you see a dog driving a motorcycle. Then again, in Southeast Asia this was far from the weirdest animal I saw on one...

The reason I find this so weird and wonderful is because Lumpini Park in Bangkok is where pretty much everyone goes to work out. It's full of people speed walking, running, or participating in group exercise classes. And yet they stick a giant ice cream cone (is it a statue or a playground piece?) in the middle to tempt/tease all those sweaty exercisers.

There's just something about this statue at the Grand Palace in Bangkok that makes me giggle. Come on, you know you agree.

Just another one of those great translations, on a restaurant menu in Muang-Ake, Thailand. Yes, I do Love Happy.

While it's just funny to see a "No Hawking" sign in Thailand, that's not what caught my attention about this. It's that hand in the "No Littering" image. It's so creepy for some reason. And it looks more like it's picking up rocks than littering... And it's missing a finger.

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