I know it has been forever but just because I’m back in the States and no longer traveling anymore doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the blog. I actually have, like, six posts in the works but there are a lot of distractions! First there was the excitement of seeing friends and family again, then there were the realities of finding a job and taking care of a dog (yes, I got a dog!) and a house (yes, I’m living in a house). But more on that later.

I still have lots of travel stories up my sleeve (I did travel around Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand before I even started this blog!) plus lots to share about the reality of moving back to the States after a year of living and working abroad and basically almost six years of transitional living (college and traveling). It’s a weird, tough, interesting, sometimes terrifying, often complicated and polarizing, adjustment.

And with that, I leave you with a promise that there will be a new post hopefully as early as today, definitely sometime before the 4th of July!