Exciting news everyone! The trip to Ningaloo is officially on! Thanks to our friends over at Traveller’s Auto Barn, we can now make our dream trip a reality. We leave on March 5, so now we really have to get our butts into gear and get things moving. Our rental is until March 14, and I fly out on March 17, so that means this week and next we have to scurry around like crazy to clean up the apartment and start packing, tie things up at our jobs, AND of course start planning this awesome trip!

So get excited because there’s going to be a lot of awesome stuff on the way come March. And if I’m a bit quiet before then, well, it’s because now I have a lot on my plate!

Also, there’s news that the whale sharks have shown up early this year at Ningaloo. I had been kind of using the fact that early March was too early for whale sharks as an excuse to not be going on the whale shark tour. Now, it seems, I can’t use that cover up excuse anymore. Well, the truth is, we really can’t afford to pay almost $400 each to go on a whale shark tour right now. (We could barely do the trip at all, remember?) So if any whale shark tour companies in Ningaloo want to sponsor our tours, we’d be sure to give you some great coverage!