I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been sick and also spending most of my evenings planning our escape from Sydney and an epic trip around Oz! I will update on that later 🙂

I just wanted to comment on today being officially springlike here in Australia. It reminded me of home, when spring and summer intersect. Where warm and hot almost meet. Where the wind feels good, not cold. And where my feet scream, “Why aren’t we wearing sandals?!” It’s my absolute favorite weather.

This morning I left the apartment and immediately felt I had to take off my coat. I went to the airport in the morning for work, and when I left a few hours later it was so warm I had to take off my light jacket. I couldn’t resist sitting on a bench in the sun, soaking in the gorgeous weather. It took all my willpower to convince myself that I still did have to go to work. On the way back, I even had the taxi driver drop me off a few blocks from my office so I could have an excuse to steal a little extra time walking in the sun. I still couldn’t face the office and sat outside to eat an early lunch instead. I couldn’t help but smile and feel happy with such perfect weather.

Sitting at the picnic table, I closed my eyes and let the sun beat down on me. There was some machine whirring behind the building and for a moment I almost felt I was back home on a summer day, laying out on the deck sunbathing while the neighbors mowed their lawns. So nice.

When I finally did get back to the office, it felt like school on a spring day nearing summer. That excitement and anticipation, like there’s just a few days left and then it will be summer vacation! And in a way, I am still getting that. I am ticking away the days for the next five or so weeks (fingers crossed) and then I will be off on a vacation for a while! I don’t think I can afford one quite as long as those you get in school, but it will serve its purpose. Really, it feels like summer vacation is a necessary part of a happy life! Do we really have to grow up and give it up?

Anyways, all the signs of spring are here. I have been noticing them for weeks, but today was the first real summery-feeling day, which I think is what spring is like down here! Nowadays I hear the sounds of little birds singing and that feeling is in the air. The sun used to set before I left work at 5:00, but now if I leave work at 5:30 it’s still light out. What a wonderful thing! The other day I went outside to eat lunch (which I have done for the most of the winter so long as it’s not raining) and I wasn’t at all alone. In fact, I couldn’t find anywhere to sit! The picnic tables and all the grass area were completely taken up by people on their lunch breaks. Today I also noticed the wind blowing around tons of seeds of trees. Spring has sprung!